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Twitter Bots:

@retweetjava (Java programming language niche, hasn't run much yet).

@retweetteen Horrible niche. The whole feed was filled with naughty things for a while as we updated filters, but I think it's okay now.

Mostly bots follow this one, though, whereas our Java niche gets legitimate followers.

Minecraft Servers:

KoolCats I don't support Minecraft anymore as it has been purchased by Microsoft, but until the deal is closed,

I'm helping out with combining an old server idea I had for my server with this one. It is in progress now, and the idea is pretty neat if you're into complex economies and a mature theme.

Cubic Runner:

I am working with a few others on an indie game called "Cubic Runner,"

which has a fun concept that I don't think has been done before.

I (Jordan) am doing client side/rendering, while Jdf2 (Jared) is working on the concept and JavaScript map editor,

Pixel is making the server side (as it will be mostly online based), and Sello T4P4 is making the game's music and sounds. Everyone on the team is very talented at what they do :)

The game's website is not really functional yet, but in the meantime you can enjoy the WIP map editor and check out some of the fun people working on the project.

Map Editor

Jared (Jdf2) is working on this, and it exports to JSON as of now.

The server host will be able to cycle through whichever maps they please. Maps typically consist of things like obstacles, which can be placed however you please to present a fun challenge. Thanks, Jared!

Jared (Jdf2) - (Twitter): Really friendly person, PHP developer, and creator of all the Twitter bots listed above.

He's made many assorted projects such as Huggles. I think he also has a crush on Bootstrap.